Crime Reporting

What information do I need to provide the police in a crime report?

As business owners, it's important to report any crimes and suspicious behaviour to our local police to help foster security for ourselves and our customers.

Reporting to the police is the only way that we can help ensure greater police presence and provide the information they need to prevent further crime.

It's a good idea to review the information they need to include in reports so that you and your staff can be aware of and make note of these details when crimes occur. 

Community Constable, Keven Greasley has provided us with a template of all the information they require, plus an example of a gold standard report. Remember, the more information you can provide, the more likely action can be taken and future crimes and be prevented.

Share the checklist and template with your team and provide a notebook or another way to instantly record details so that you can then submit a report when you have time.

View the resources here:

Now that you have recorded the crime details, you can report the crime online here.