The Herbary

The Herbary

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This month we made the quick trip across the road to visit the lovely ladies at The Herbary and give naturopathic medicine a whirl!

Naturopathic practitioners and medical herbalists, Kim and Barbara invited us to their Herbal Dispensary and Naturopathic Clinic - The Herbary.

The holistic wellness offering combines tradition and science with ethically sourced herbs and plants hand mixed into tea blends, tonics and natural medicines, along with nutritional and lifestyle advice and comprehensive support.

They walked us through their friendly consultation process used for clients that come in with a variety of ailments & health goals, ranging from gut health, immune support, hormone balance, lymphatics, stress, sleep and skin health.

Selecting from an array of aromatic herbs, Kate blended lemon balm, rose, lime blossom, skullcap, spearmint, lavender and cinnamon to replicate their popular ‘Serenitea’. This vibrant and floral tea blend is often given to clients for stress and anxiety.

Our newbie, Courtney, tried her hand at medicine mixing. She steadily measured out a selection of oils and extracts to create a sleep remedy.

Of course, we taste-tested the result! While some customers prefer to mix their remedies with water, we followed the example of the professionals and each had a small portion that sat nicely on our palates and easily went down.

Instantly warmed from the concoction, we all felt calm and relaxed for the rest of the afternoon.
Finally, we got familiar with some of the other products that The Herbary offers including collagen supplements, foraging books and mushroom drinks for a natural energy boost.

We left feeling lighter, relaxed and cheery. Whether you have long-term health issues, are feeling out of balance or want to shake off the winter ills and chills, The Herbary’s friendly service and holistic offering can support your health journey and current medical treatments.


Visit the Herbary today!

214 King Street, Pukekohe

09 238 1605