Pik 'n Mix Lollies

For April's Give it a Whirl, we got to live out our childhood dreams by visiting the sugar capital of Pukekohe, Pik n Mix Lollies NZ!

Pik ‘n Mix was originally started as a small side project for Owner, Robynne Watson in August 2020. Covid hit shortly after, causing a surge in sales which in turn, caused the business to take on a life of its own!

Pik ‘n Mix has over 280 lolly variations available, with lollies sourced from countries like Australia, Spain, Turkey, and New Zealand. Since August 2020, Pik ‘n Mix Lollies have shipped over 30,000 orders and sold over 1,000kg of lollies! 
With the crazy number of orders coming in daily, we thought we could offer our assistance by helping to pack these orders. We had a great time trying to find the lollies requested on each order form and carefully weighing handfuls to make sure we were packaging up the right weight! Merritt mentioned that he’s not usually allowed the packing job, as he has been known to be a bit heavy-handed with the lollies.
After packaging a few orders, we explored the extensive range of chocolates and lollies in the warehouse before heading back to work on a sugar high.
If you would like to place an online order with Pik ‘n Mix, they offer 15% off
first-time orders with a special code that can be found in the 2022 Shop Local Voucher Booklet! 

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