Mag & Turbo Pukekohe

Don’t let the picture above fool you, we had no idea what we were doing when we stepped into Mag & Turbo’s workshop for this month’s Give it a Whirl feature.

Mag and Turbo Pukekohe was brought to Pukekohe by husband and wife team Max and Clare, who are both new to the area and new to the wheel and tyre business but are loving both!

“The people in Pukekohe are just great and we’ve enjoyed meeting all of the local business owners and customers and we are looking forward to being more involved in the community as we look to lay down some roots in the area.” says Max.

Having been open since midMarch, the team includes several long-standing local icons of the mechanical/tyre scene who bring a wealth of technical knowledge and expertise to the business, to complement the business skills of owners, Max and Clare.

While there are several existing tyre shops in the area, we will bring a new level of service and professionalism to this sector, as well as the best mag and tyre showroom in the Franklin district, maybe even the whole of Auckland.

Upon arriving at Mag & Turbo, we were quickly put to work, with Shawna being tasked with fitting a tyre to a rim and Chenay given the job of balancing a tyre.

To fit the tyre, Shawna was shown how to lift the rim onto the tyre machine, coat the bead edges in lubricant, ensure the bottom bead was in the approximate position, and then use the tyre irons to lever the top bead onto the rim while the tyre/rim rotated on To fit the tyre machine. She finished up by filling the tyre with air and popping on the valve core.

To even out any small weight imbalances in the rim and/or tyre, Chenay was given a crash course in how to use the balancer. Once the tyre was in position, the machine cover was closed to run the tyre at speed to determine if any weights need to be attached and where. After adding the recommended weight, the tyre was good to go and we were ready to knock off! 

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