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 Kitchen Inspirations design, manufacture and install kitchens, laundries, wardobes, vanities and shelving. They have also expanded into office design, reception desks, shop and gym fitouts.

For our day on the job, we entered through the Kitchen Inspirations showroom which displays model kitchens, dining, laundry and wardrobe options.

Each show kitchen was modern and slick, and the more you explored the more innovations you find within their designs.

We were greeted by designer Hannalee and co-owner Becs with a warm drink as we explored the range. Before we got started with our work experience, Becs gave us an overview of their entire business and process.
The induction started with their consultation process, held in an existing space being renovated or their stunning showroom.

The designer talks through all the requirements of the project, down to what appliances will be in the space, discussing colours, images and materials. They even measure the space. This is taken back to their design office where they custom design kitchen floor plans and 3D floor renders.

This is then shared at the concept meeting alongside options for materials, hardware and finishes. After any revisions, the final drawings, renders and appliance information is sent to the operations manager, Rochelle to book all the details of the job, down to the installation date of your appliances.

Next, the project is taken to their processing office for final measurements and ordering the key parts. They have a storeroom stocked with the usual pieces. However, things like handles are custom ordered because there are so many variations.

With the initial process understood, it was time for us to head into the factory and have a crack at manufacturing and assembling cabinetry.
Their factory houses state-of-the-art technology and communications systems to help maintain their high quality workmanship and bolster efficiency.

Shawna had a go controlling the CNC machine which cuts each part of the project out of sheets of material. The machine does do most of the work here, nesting each part econimcally on the sheet.

We were then shown how the edge banding machine produces a high quality edge on each sheet and then the conveyor returns the edged panels back to the machinist for greater efficiency.

Courtney then joined in with the assembly team who take all the panels and turn them into the cabinetry within the factory. Courtney drilled together some of the final pieces for this kitchen cabinet.

Finally, we handed our work over to the installation team of three who load up the work van and head off to finish the project. The end-to-end process is amazing to see come from one local business. Even more amazing, is the symbiotic relationship that each person working on the project has with each other. The smooth transition from design, processing and right through to the installer, is reflected by the quality product customers are left with.

The unique and distinctive designs that the Kitchen Inspirations team conceptualise and execute deserve the great reputation they hold. True to their name, we’re inspired to rennovate our own kitchens and homes now.

Kitchen Inspirations
78 John Street, Pukekohe
09 239 0875