Cutting Edge Plastic Surgery

This month, we visited the team at Cutting Edge Plastic Surgery for a total body skin check. At Cutting Edge Plastic Surgery, not only do they offer a wide selection of cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery procedures, but also non-surgical cosmetic treatments. They also happen to be a one-stop shop for skin screening and treatment. 
Shawna was offered a Skinzurance ® skin screening treatment which involves using a hand-held digital device called
a dermatoscope. It is similar to a magnifying glass and when used by expertly trained technicians is far more accurate than examining your skin with the naked eye. After changing into a gown, Shawna was examined by Specialist Nurse and Dermoscopist, Annie, who took several photos for Shawna’s record to get an overall picture of the location and type of current lesions on her body...... For the full article, click here.

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