Baby on the Move


This month we visited Baby on the Move Pukekohe to give their range of baby products and services a whirl!

Owners, Ange and Mike Hook and their team believe in getting to know you - your challenges, preferences and needs - so they can match you with the perfect products.

Everyone’s lifestyles are different and choosing products can be confusing, so having an expert team to guide you is a huge help! Not only does Baby on the Move stock an extensive range of top-quality products for your baby, they can also provide pre-birth advice to prepare, and safely fit your car seat, offer timely advice at critical stages of parenthood, plus more.

As Chenay is expecting a little bundle in a few months' time, Ange took her through a few capsule options and showed her how to correctly and safely install each one in her car.

Ange advised that they don’t recommend products based on brand, but rather how well they will work for the individual customer. This means staff are upfront about the pros and cons of each product.

Baby on the Move offers a hire service, which is ideal when you only need a capsule for a short time and don’t want to make a big investment. It’s also a great way to minimise our environmental footprint, which is important to the Baby on the Move franchise. Other hireable products include bassinets, strollers, high chairs, breast pumps and much more. 

Once we had explored capsule options, Ange showed Kate how to wear a wrap, which enables you to comfortably ‘wear’ your baby around the house or when out and about. Kate said that she had never used a wrap with her babies, however after Ange’s demonstration, she wishes she had as it was so much easier and secure than she had originally thought.

At Baby on the Move there is an incredible amount of products and accessories that can make things that much easier for parents and Mums to-be. 

Pop in store for fantastic advice and knowledge from the wonderful Pukekohe team. 

Visit Baby on the Move!
Tenancy 11, The Zone 28/34 Subway Road, Pukekohe
09 963 1898

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