GIAW 23Therapies PBA Staff

This month, we tested current beauty therapy trends, Bio-microneedling and Lymphatic Drainage as well as traditional Reflexology. 

 23Therapies specialise in beauty therapy, massage, and traditional Chinese medicine. 

Their qualified team offers acupuncture, facials, waxing, Body Exfoliation, LED Phototherapy, Ear Seeds, Lashlifts and tinting, pedicures, and of course massages ranging from hot stone, therapeutic, deep tissue, and sports, to pregnancy, reflexology and lymphatic drainage. 

With a plethora of choices, Shawna opted to try out their newest offering, Bio-icroneedling.  

Owner of 23Therapies, Aesthetician, and Massage Therapist, Charlene Dalgleish introduced this treatment in September. 

Bio-microneedling is a non-invasive skincare treatment that aims to improve skin texture, boost collagen, reduce pore size, enhance skin elasticity, fade hyperpigmentation, diminish acne scarring, and increase absorption of skincare products. 

Unlike typical microneedling treatments, it uses siliceous natural ingredients extracted from freshwater sponges to create thousands of tiny punctures in the skin, instead of needles. 

To Shawna, it felt like a prickly pear as the combination of the SQT Fibronectin Essence and the Hydrolyzed Sponge Powder was massaged into the face. The application felt like an exfoliation process. 

Afterward, it reddened and became sensitive to touch as it sped up the skin’s natural renewal cycle from 28 to 7 days. 

The Spongilla Spicules fall out within 48-72 hours, so Shawna had to avoid touching the skin in the meantime. She was given some high-quality skincare products to cleanse with and 24 hours later it was already showing a noticeable difference. 

While this happened, Courtney began a reflexology treatment. Her usually ticklish feet were a little apprehensive at the idea of a foot massage - but she turned into a strong advocate by the end. 

Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner, Helen Dickenson used a traditional Chinese method that focuses on channelling the energy out of the head and through the feet to reduce stress and tension. 

Courtney learned how each pressure point of the foot connected to specific organs and systems in the body and that any tension experienced could identify potential issues elsewhere. This also meant that the relaxing sensations were experienced throughout the whole body. 

Being in the therapists’ great hands and the surprisingly ambient atmosphere of the little building on Hall Street meant Shawna and Courtney were so relaxed they both struggled to not nod off during their sessions. 

These treatments were followed up with a nice hot tea and then both Shawna and Courtney had a taster of NormaTec Compression for body recovery and lymphatic drainage. 

They were zipped into long boot-like equipment that was then programmed to expand around, compress, and massage the whole leg and foot. 

The three different massage techniques used in this process got the blood circulating but were painless and relaxing. Afterward, muscles felt relaxed, and legs felt lighter. 

23Therapies has had nine years of excellent service and their treatment offering continues to expand to introduce cutting-edge beauty and therapy methods. 

Charlene and the team are focused on creating a relaxed and grounded environment that welcomes customers. Shawna and Courtney found it easy to feel comfortable in their safe hands.