What is a BID?

What is a Business Improvement District?

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A Business Improvement District (BID) programme is a partnership between local government, the business community and other stakeholders.

Business Improvement Districts (BID) programmes operate in over 50 areas within Auckland where local businesses and property owners have agreed to work together. BIDs in the Auckland region represent over 30,000 businesses and a Capital Value over $72 billion (2022).

Auckland Council (via their BID Policy 2022) supports Business Associations operating BID programmes by collecting the targeted rates and providing these funds, in their entirety, as a BID targeted rate grant to associations like the PBA. Auckland Council applies the PBA BID targeted rate which is collected from the ratepayer/property owner or indirectly by the business owner/tenant located within the PBA BID boundary area.

The PBA BID targeted rate is calculated as a percentage of the capital value of the business-rated properties located within the PBA BID boundary area. (See map below)

100% of the targeted rate collected by Auckland Council is returned to the Business Association in four quarterly grant payments.

For more information on the Auckland Council BID programme click here.

The basic objectives of the programme are:

  • business creation and development
  • increased employment and local business investment
  • an enhanced physical environment
  • identify and promote the profile of a commercial and industrial district or business centre.

Click HERE to download the Pukekohe BID map