Strategic Plan

2023-2028 Strategic plan

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For most of this year, the PBA committee have been working on a new 5-year strategy. After some serious collaborating, writing, rewriting and re-re-writing, our strategic goal “To create a vibrant and prosperous business community in Pukekohe, where businesses thrive, residents prosper, and the town flourishes as a hub of economic and social activity” finally has a plan to see it come to fruition.

We enlisted the help of Steve McDowell, who runs regular governance training for our executive committee, and has a wealth of experience in governance and strategising for a range of organisations, including Business Improvement Districts like ours.

You may have met Steve if you came to one of the workshops we ran in May this year. Attendees were asked a range of questions about business in Pukekohe, and the current and future outlooks.

There was much talk about the positive vibe in Pukekohe and how we really do have it all here – there’s no need to go anywhere else. We are that interesting mix of being part of Auckland, but many of the people we service, come from rural areas outside of Auckland.

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PBA 2023-2028 Strategic Plan


Priority One: Supporting Business Prosperity.

Nearly every measure or activity links back to supporting the prosperity of our local businesses. In other words, any other activity or outcome was not as important if it didn’t lead to increased patronage for our local businesses. Everything else can be helpful or desirable but not essential when compared to this theme.

How will we support business prosperity? We will do this by bringing local events to the business community, attracting visitors, and engaging the community. We will provide effective business support and development programs, ensuring that businesses in the community receive valuable assistance and resources to thrive and grow. We will also strengthen communication, collaboration, and engagement with members to gain valuable feedback & insights.

Priority Two: Enhancing a Safe and Attractive Business Environment.

Secondly, we are dedicated to enhancing the safety and attractiveness of the local business environment. With the major investment at Drury, making Pukekohe an attractive place to do business is paramount.

We will work with local authorities and community organisations to improve safety and support the reduction in crime. We will also collaborate with Council organisations, commercial lease agents, community groups and landlords to enhance the visual appeal of the business district. By investing in initiatives that elevate the overall appearance of Pukekohe and promoting safety measures, we aim to boost our town’s appeal as a vibrant and inviting place to live, shop and work.

Priority Three: Advocacy Leading to Positive Changes

Lastly, but by no means least, the PBA is committed to advocacy efforts that lead to positive changes for both businesses and the broader community.
The PBA has the unique position of being a voice for over 700 members.

What is the chief concern of those members and who needs to hear this? This is the place of advocacy. Whether it’s dealing with Eke Panuku, Auckland Councill, Auckland Transport, Auckland Unlimited or Waka Kotahi, The PBA can ensure the voice of Pukekohe businesses is represented at all levels.

This plan has now shaped our Annual plan for 2023-2024 & 2024-2025 with our budget now nicely aligned. 

Here’s to the next chapter of business in Pukekohe.

Click here to read our 2023-2028 Strategic Plan in more detail

They say “A goal without a plan, is just a wish”, now that we have that plan, lets maket it a reality

Our Vision, Mission & Values

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Our Vision is..

To create a vibrant and prosperous business community in Pukekohe, where businesses thrive, residents prosper, and the town flourishes as a hub of economic and social activity.

Our Mission is..

The Pukekohe Business Association is dedicated to empowering local businesses by providing resources, networking opportunities, advocacy, and support, ultimately contributing to a vibrant and prosperous Pukekohe.

Our Values are..

These are the values we adopt are the values that we expect our committee and staff of the PBA to live too.

Trust, Respect, Achievement, Safety, Friendliness

  1. Trust: Upholding unwavering honesty and integrity in all interactions and transactions, building a foundation of reliability and credibility.
  2. Respect: Treating every individual, member, and stakeholder with consideration, valuing diversity, and maintaining professionalism in all engagements.
  3. Achievement: Committing to fulfilling promises, pursuing excellence, and acknowledging the contributions that lead to continuous growth and success.
  4. Safety: Prioritising the well-being of members, customers, and the community, advocating for both physical and economic security.
  5. Friendliness: Creating an inviting environment that fosters positive interactions, inclusivity, and a supportive community atmosphere.