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The PBA is managed by a team of 3 local and passionate individuals. Town Centre Manager, Shawna Coleman, Promotion Co-Ordinator, Chenay Douglas and Administration Co-Ordinator, Kate Morgan.

The PBA is governed by a volunteer executive committee of local business owners who are passionate about business in Pukekohe.

About the PBA

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Pukekohe is an excellent place to base and grow your business. Whether you are supplying products and services to local residents, manufacturing for national distribution or growing produce to feed New Zealand and the world.

The Pukekohe Business Association (PBA) is committed to the success of local businesses. We promote prosperity in Pukekohe by encouraging growth, development, and sustainability.

The Association administers the Pukekohe Business Improvement District (BID), a partnership between local government and the business community to develop, promote, and support the local economy.

Read about how we promote, support and advocate for business in Pukekohe, and encourage the economic growth and development within our region.

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Who are we, and what do we do for the business community?

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The Pukekohe Business Association (PBA) is a not-for-profit organisation registered as an incorporated society under the Incorporated Societies Act. 

We support local businesses by working closely with business owners, the council, and the community, to enhance business success and growth.

Founded in 1992 to promote and represent local interests, we represent over 700 Pukekohe businesses.

On this page, you will find information about the below:

  • About the PBA
  • PBA Constitution
  • BID Policy 2022
  • BID Boundary
  • Board Members
  • Board Charter
  • AGM Information
  • BID Programme Documentation

‘Our vision is that Pukekohe provides the best of town and country, with thriving businesses supported by a strong business association and quality opportunities to live, learn, work and play’

The PBA and the BID programme have four main objectives; 

  • Business creation and development 
  • Increased employment and local business investment
  • An enhanced physical environment
  • Promoting the profile of the business centre, commercial and industrial districts

The PBA is funded by a targeted rate that is applied to buildings on commercially zoned land. Any business that owns or operates from a commercial building within the BID Zone in Pukekohe is eligible for free membership.

For those businesses that do not qualify for a free membership, Associate Memberships are available at an annual fee of $250 + GST. We also have membership options for landlords who own property within the BID zone. We encourage all eligible members and landlords to join the PBA as there are many benefits and opportunities available to them.

We see Pukekohe as the business, commercial, and community hub of Franklin and aim to ensure it retains its distinctive country feel.

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