Excellence in Sustainability

This award recognises a business that has achieved success by identifying and then implementing an innovative sustainability process that improves the quality of our lives, protects our ecosystem and preserves natural resources for future generations.

Here are some basic examples of sustainability in business:

  1. Green energy: Switching to renewable energy sources such as solar, wind, and hydropower can help businesses reduce their carbon footprint and promote sustainability.
  2. Waste reduction: Minimizing waste and finding ways to recycle or repurpose materials can also be a form of sustainability.
  3. Sustainable supply chains: Ensuring that the materials and resources used in the production process are ethically sourced and sustainably produced can help businesses promote sustainability. 
  4. Eco-friendly packaging: Using biodegradable or recyclable packaging materials can help reduce waste and promote sustainability. 
  5. Sustainable transportation: Encouraging employees to use public transportation, carpooling, or cycling can help reduce carbon emissions and promote sustainability.

By taking steps to reduce their environmental impact and promote ethical practices, businesses can not only benefit the planet, but also build a stronger reputation and competitive advantage.

All submissions are completed online and comprise of a set of 4 -5 questions relating to the specific category. Submissions open on 6 April and close on 1 June.

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If you're nodding your head or thinking "Yeah, we do that", then you should enter into the Excellence in Sustainability category in the 2023 Pukekohe Business Excellence Awards!

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