Excellence in Manufacturing

This award recognises excellence in manufacturing, engineering or the use of high-tech in the manufacturing sector. Manufacturing Excellence is the continuous improvement of your operations to reduce waste, increase production profitability, and gain a winning edge with quality and safety innovation.

Here are some basic examples of manufacturing in business:

  1. Assembly line manufacturing: A process where products are manufactured using a series of steps, with each worker performing a specific task in the production process.
  2. Custom manufacturing: Manufacturing products to meet the unique specifications and requirements of individual customers. 
  3. Just-in-time manufacturing: A manufacturing process where products are produced only when they are needed, reducing waste and improving efficiency. 
  4. Lean manufacturing: A manufacturing philosophy that focuses on eliminating waste and maximizing efficiency. 
  5. Mass production: Manufacturing products in large quantities, typically using automated processes and standardized production techniques. 

Manufacturing plays a crucial role in many industries, and efficient and effective manufacturing processes can help businesses reduce costs, improve quality, and increase competitiveness.

All submissions are completed online and comprise of a set of 4 -5 questions relating to the specific category. Submissions open on 6 April and close on 1 June.

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