Excellence in Innovation

This award recognises a business that has achieved success by identifying and then implementing an innovative idea. The innovation can be realised via a product, service, technology or process.

Here are a few examples of the many ways innovation can drive business growth and success.

  1. Product innovation: This involves developing new products or services that meet the needs of customers in new or better ways. For example, Apple's introduction of the iPod revolutionized the music industry by providing a portable device that could store and play thousands of songs.
  2. Process innovation: This involves finding new and better ways to do things within the business. For example, a company might implement a new manufacturing process that improves efficiency and reduces costs.
  3. Marketing innovation: This involves finding new and better ways to promote and sell products or services. For example, companies might use social media platforms to reach new audiences and engage with customers in more meaningful ways.
  4. Organisational innovation: This involves changing the structure, culture, or management practices of a business to improve performance. For example, a company might implement a new employee training program to enhance the skills and knowledge of its workforce.
  5. Business model innovation: This involves creating new ways to generate revenue or provide value to customers. For example, a company might shift from selling products to offering subscription-based services that provide ongoing value to customers.

All submissions are completed online and comprise of a set of 4 -5 questions relating to the specific category. Submissions open on 6 April and close on 1 June.

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If you're nodding your head or thinking "Yeah, we do that", then you should enter into the Excellence in Innovation category in the 2023 Pukekohe Business Excellence Awards!

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