Your Local Coffee Roasters Brew Bar & Roastery

This month, we try our hand at creating the perfect coffee with Your Local Coffee Roasters

Coffee is more than just a brew, it’s a moment. For yourself or shared. To escape or savour. And this is more than just another coffee place, it’s Your Local.

We are no strangers to coffee around here at the PBA, it’s part
of our morning ritual. So when the opportunity came up to ‘‘Give it a Whirl’’ at Your Local Coffee Roasters, we jumped at the chance.

Ria and her amazing team not only sell delicious coffee but also teach one-on-one and group classes in brewing and coffee making.

Their new second premises on Manukau Road, boasts a brew bar and roastery where they roast their own in-house beans. Ria is no stranger to making the perfect blend, as she is a NZ Brewer’s Cup Champion and the passion she has for coffee is obvious.

Heading into the Brew Bar & Roastery on Manukau Rd, we were greeted by Ria and the wonderful Carrie. We fired up our Breville coffee machines and Ria ran us through the intricacies of roasting the perfect coffee bean and the flavours that are developed.

Coffee making is like baking. It requires a specific recipe and if it's followed, you will achieve a great brew each time

Ria explained how coffee weight, grind and timing all play a vital part in achieving optimum flavour and balance. We also had a go at making the perfect frothy milk and attempted ‘coffee art’ which is not as easy as one may think. After some questionable shapes and a lot of coffees later, Shawna nailed it with a professional-looking heart! “Practice makes perfect, you need to keep making it, getting a real feel for the tools and ingredients,” Ria says.

This was a fun and extremely informative class and is a great gift idea for the coffee lover in your life.

For more information on classes, contact Your Local Coffee Roasters on

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Your Local Coffee Roasters Cafe- 3 West Street, Pukekohe


Your Local Coffee Roasters Brew Bar and Roastery- 173 Manukau Road, Pukekohe

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