Wash Zone Pukekohe

After a summer holiday at the beach it was time to clean our cars - and dog - of sand, sand and more sand!

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Let’s face it, washing the car is a big ole chore. So when Pukekohe local, Richard Irving approached us to give his new business ‘Wash Zone’ a whirl, we were more than happy to!

Wash Zone is cash free and operates with tokens and Eftpos. The facility is run on collected rainwater and recycled water which is all processed through a state-of-the-art system from Spain. This means that everything is disposed of responsibly and that along with their biodegradable detergents, mean there is no polluting of local storm water and rivers/ocean. Wash Zone is as eco friendly as a carwash can get.

The first self service wash bay we tried out was their fully fenced dog wash. Shawna brought along her gorgeous Labradoodle, Bruno and treated him to deep clean with warm water, great smelling shampoos and a blow dry to complete the wash.

Next, Kendyl took her car through the self service car wash, where she could take advantage of the high pressure system and a selection of 7 different wash options to play around with.

Sometimes you just want to relax and take your car through the auto wash instead, which is exactly what Chenay did. Drive on in and come out sparkling clean with the soft touch auto wash combination of quality detergents and the latest technology.

Of course, the interior of the car needs some love too, so we tried out the super-suctioned vaccum cleaner, and completed the clean by spritzing the delicious ‘pina colada’ fragrance through our cars.

Wash Zone is the place to go to give your car, camper van, boat - and dog - a nice spruce up! Go try it out for yourself. 

Wash Zone Pukekohe
18 Stadium Drive, Pukekohe
09 390 5515