Ready, set, reset, set, Go!

This month sees the start of the Innovating Streets for People trial in the town centre. After planning, lockdowns, delays, more planning and meetings – here we go.

I have seen much comment on the local social media pages. I can assure you, the PBA will advocate on behalf of our members and their feedback. This is a trial with plenty of opportunities for feedback and nothing has been permanently changed.

We are still at the early stages of the Panuku unlock. As locals, we get to be intentional about creating amazing places where people want to linger and enjoy community.  

As leaders, we can champion this.


Agility is essential for businesses to remain viable in an uncertain world. To be successful, you need to be agile

Recently I learned about the work of Carey Nieuwhof. He is worth looking up. He has explored leadership through the crisis of Covid and shares his ideas on 3 leadership responses.

Frozen leaders

They often confuse the mission with the method so when they cannot operate the same way they always have, they struggle. They feel like everything is out of their control. Their focus is on obstacles and threats and what they cannot do. In a crisis they can’t adapt, they miss opportunities and are highly likely to go under.

Hesitant leaders

These people realise the world is changing; however, they will only change as little as possible. They want the world to go back to normal with a new predictable system as soon as possible. In non-crisis situations, methods may have a 6 month to 5-year shelf life. In a crisis your methods can expire in days. Leaders who hesitate to make deep change now will have far more to recover from down the road.

Agile leaders

The reason agility is so important is that a crisis means there are no clear answers and no immediate end in sight. This is exactly why it is called a crisis, not a problem. Problems can be solved. Crises must be managed. Daily. These leaders know when things change, new opportunities are made possible. Their organisations are most likely to succeed and even grow during a crisis.

If there is interest from members, we could run a workshop on becoming agile leaders.

Here’s to your agile leadership.

Rupert Ross,

Owner, Vibratrain Pukekohe and PBA President