Images Medispa

This month we were treated to a relaxing LED Lightwave treatment with Images Medispa.

In order to tailor our treatments to our specific skin needs, we started by popping our faces into the ‘Observ’ Skin Complexion Scanner.

The scanner uses 6 different light sources/filters to provide vital information about the overall health of your skin. This enables your therapist to develop an effective skin treatment plan for you.

Once we had our results, we were taken to our treatment rooms where Owner, Angela Steele explained the benefits of Lightwave therapy and how it all works.

“Lightwave therapy provides lots of amazing skin and health benefits It also releases serotonin -the happy hormone!” 


It turns out the energy delivered by LED technology provides a load of amazing skin and health benefits, such as; accelerates the repair and replenishment of damaged skin cells, stimulates the production of collagen and elastin and improves overall skin health, radiance and luminosity. It also releases serotonin (the happy hormone!)

During the 30 minute treatment, we were also given a relaxing arm and hand massage while the LED lights worked their magic. Bliss!