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Innovative Greenhouse solutions, helping grow the food that feeds the future.

Nestled down an unsuspecting ROW off Manukau Rd, you will find FTEK. What was started 14 years ago, by brothers James and Mark Currie as a general engineering business, has now morphed into a niche design, manufacturing and R&D facility embarking upon robotics and automation for the large-scale indoor vegetable growing industry.

FTEK’s customers are the driving force behind the innovative products they have developed for crop maintenance and harvesting solutions in this space to date. It was rather fortunate that they were to have several of the largest growers in New Zealand situated right on their doorstep in Franklin. Through a close relationship with their local customers and the wider industry, they have been able to transform the equipment used for indoor growing and initiate a plan to use autonomous technologies to dramatically improve productivity and sustainability for this industry. 

“If there is one thing we do well in N.Z, it is our number 8 wire mentality to develop world-class innovation”


By 2050 global food output needs to double to meet the demand for the rapidly expanding world population. FTEK is on a mission to come up with solutions to address this demand and create a new era of indoor farming.

This journey has not been without its challenges, particularly given the enormity of the task ahead. It could be likened to the David vs Goliath feat; FTEK has a small Pukekohe team of 8 staff taking on some of the largest greenhouse equipment manufacturers in the world, but if there is one thing we do well in N.Z, it is our number 8 wire mentality to develop world-class innovation.

FTEK is up for the challenge, and we have a good feeling they will come out on top.

FTEK Pukekohe
Unit 5/ 197c Manukau Road, Pukekohe
09 239 2607