Gold Friday

Gold Friday- The Feel good alternative to Black Friday

Gold Friday is a one-day-only promotion held on Black Friday (24th November), where instead of heavily slashing margins and profit, businesses can donate up to 5% of full-price purchases or any fixed amount to a local charity.

Greg Hicks from Preview + District has introduced it to his store this year as a way to combat the pressure to heavily discount stock.

Other local businesses are also getting on board with this feel-good alternative to Black Friday sales and it's been suggested that we offer the opportunity to our whole community to make a big difference this November.

To reflect the national campaign, we are donating to Salvation Army Pukekohe to help their local initiatives.

“It’s important for any small business to get their full margin. But we can stomach 5% for a good cause". Greg Hicks- Preview & District

How to Participate

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It’s really simple - just let us know your store/stores/business names and addresses, and let us know what you will be donating (i.e 5% of sales or a fixed $ amount) by completing the entry form below.

Participants will be promoted through the PBA via our website, our FacebookInstagram and LinkedIn pages, In next month's Loop Magazine, and through News coverage via the Franklin County News. You will also be shared through to the national Gold Friday communications in the weeks leading up to and after Gold Friday.

The full amount of our local donations will be announced at the end when all funds are received.


The fine print:
  • The Pukekohe Business Association is acting as an intermediary only for Gold Friday.
  • Once you advise us of the total amount donated, the PBA will invoice you.
  • 100% of funds will be donated directly to Salvation Army Pukekohe who will use the money for local initiatives and to help local families have a happier holiday season.
  • By agreeing to participate, you act in good faith, donate as agreed, and pay before the due date.

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