NZHL Franklin

NZHL is dedicated to helping you and your family become debt free, faster.

NZHL is a home loan and insurance provider focusing on helping our clients achieve their financial goals, become debt-free faster and protect those things that are most important to them. New Zealand Home Loans is not a mortgage broker; we guide clients through the home loan process, helping them set goals (or milestones as we call them), put together a plan and show them the tools to help them save thousands of dollars in interest payments and ultimately become debt-free faster.

We remain engaged with our clients to help them to manage their loan and achieve the goals they have set. We understand that every client has different circumstances and different goals in life, so we tailor your plan to suit you!

The NZHL office in Franklin was established in 2009 and plays an active part in the Counties community. They have been actively involved with the Waiuku Football club, sponsoring youth football, refereeing for the school tournaments as well as providing sports bags for a School Netball team, sponsoring a Gala day and providing assistance on the day with organising all it involves.

NZHL Franklin


83 Manukau Road, Pukekohe,


09 237 3030