With the new Health & Safety Laws that came into effect in April you may be looking at updating your health & Safety plans.

We want to help our businesses to start thinking about their obligations relating to health and safety and are offering a subsidy to businesses wishing to engage a health and safety company to either; audit their business, develop a health and safety plan, update an existing health and safety plan or develop a Site Specific Safety Plan.

The Business Association is offering a subsidy of $300 + GST towards the cost of the above options. Please get in touch with us if you are interested in taking part in this initiative or would like more information.

There are several local Health and Safety providers in our area but we will subsidise the cost for a provider of your choice. If you would like a list of our providers these can be found on our website or please get in touch with us.

We would also like to recommend to our members that there is also a lot of information about health and safety requirements online at and we have been advised that Worksafe are happy to answer questions you may have.