Spookers @ Kingseat

Spookers @ Kingseat
Date: Friday, 20th October to Saturday, 30th December 2017

Time: Every Friday and Saturday night from 8pm-10.30pm, 20th October to 30th December
Location: Spookers, 833 Kingseat Road, Karaka, Auckland
Spookers Psycho Scare:$90.00
Queue Jumper Pass:$20.00
Spookers Super Scare Cut Throat Online Special:$52.00
Spookers Double Scare Cut Throat Online Special: $38.00

Open every Friday and Saturday night from 8 pm. The Freaky Forest, Haunted House, and Disturbia are your current terrifying R16 choices.

Spookers is a live entertainment experience in which the victims (you!) move through theatrically themed Haunted Houses, and outdoor environments decorated by sets, props and live scare-actors.

As you walk through the attractions you will come across unexpected visual, tactile, and sound effects intended to scare the yell out of you.

R.16 Attractions Include -

Haunted House (Indoor Attraction) -
Are you tired of the mundane? Need some excitement in your life? Spine chilling, blood spilling, thrilling, terrifying horror will grab hold of you from start to finish. From the blood curdling butcher to the so-sad babies and other tortured souls with their voices seeping through the floorboards; just three steps into Spookers Haunted House could have you begging for mercy and sprinting for the door!

Freaky Forest of Fear (Outdoor Attraction - BYO Torch) - Open May through December -
We disappear behind the trees that stand tall against the pitch black of the night. Your hair stands on end, you can feel us stare at you...We hear your every thought...every breath. Soon you’re dodging and ducking through the trees, the roar of the chainsaw behind you...then come to the blood curdling screams that pierce your chest and wrap your heart in a cold wrenching grip. Whispers tell you to move forward but instead, you freeze. Again the cool crisp air is interrupted by the loud revving chainsaws. Screaming won't help you. Running won't save you.

Disturbia (Indoor Attraction) -
Disturbia takes 'three-dimensional' to another level. Step into the world of Blacklight loving freaks! Tight spaces, loud noises and the fast pace will test your limits. Psychedelic clowns take "clowning around" to their irrational happy place. Don't hide, because they'll find you! Giggling, cackling, sending chills through your body. Fear takes over, you can't move. Bright lights, flickering all around you…. walls closing in on you. Disturbia is thoroughly disturbing.

Cornevil (Outdoor Attraction) - Open January through April -
A test of horrifying navigation through a dark, treacherous maze field. One way in, one way out, every turn seems to be the wrong one. Wandering through the maze you'll be jerked alert by mysterious creations lurking all around you. Some with a chainsaw and some with an axe - no time to dare relax. The only thing keeping you safe is the glow from your torch.

To buy tickets call 0800 BUY TIX (289 849)
Or online HERE

Link: Spookers Official Website