Best in Business Awards 2016

Our black tie Awards Ceremony was held on Saturday 30 July, with lots of laughter and fun for everyone. It was a great way to celebrate the excellent businesses we have here in Pukekohe.

Thank-you to everyone who participated including those that nominated a business or voted, your participation helps make this event so successful!

And finally we would like to thank our sponsors, BNZ and The Franklin County News, with their support we are able to make these awards a fantastic experience for all involved.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why do we run the Pukekohe Business Awards?
    The Business Awards were launched in 2012 to celebrate the businesses in Pukekohe. We wanted to reward our local businesses for their achievements and provide an event that people could be excited to attend with their teams. The business awards are designed to promote the amazing businesses we have in our own backyard and give them the credit they deserve. We understand the effort that people put into running their business and this is public recognition of that effort.
  • How do you get to be nominated?
    The businesses are nominated by the public which is a fabulous endorsement of the service the business is providing. We allow every business that is nominated into the competition – there is no process of elimination with our awards – if you are nominated, you are a finalist! It is really lovely to hear the wonderful reasons why people have chosen to take the time to nominate these businesses.
  • Do some businesses decline their nomination?
    Unfortunately for various reasons some businesses choose to decline their nomination. This is always a disappointment to the Business Association as we really want these businesses to get the recognition they deserve! Just by being nominated the business receives three free adverts in the Franklin County News celebrating their success. This is great, positive, publicity for our local businesses.
  • What prizes are there?
    There are 5 categories in the awards. ’Retail’, ‘Hospitality’, ‘Automotive, Trade, Manufacturing and Design’, ‘Business and Professional Services’, and ‘Health and Beauty’. From each of these categories a winner is chosen and then an overall winner is decided. We also have two special categories to reward businesses for their attempt to gain votes or by submitting an amazing submission.

    Category winners receive a cash prize, a trophy, and an article about their business in the Franklin County News.

    The supreme winner also receives a winners logo to use in their marketing.
  • How are the businesses judged?
    For the category winners and overall winner the nominees are judged as follows;

    50% - Based on an independent mystery shopper report
    40% - Based on a submission the business makes on why they think they are ‘best in business’
    10% - Based on public voting

    For the special prizes ‘Most Votes Received’ is awarded to the business that gained the most public votes. ‘Outstanding Submission’ is awarded to a business that had an amazing submission. These special prizes reflect the effort that businesses put in whilst they may not have won a category.
  • How much does it cost to attend the awards?
    Each nominated business receives 2 complimentary tickets. Each additional ticket is $80 + GST which is heavily subsidised by the Business Association. This $80 + GST gets you a three course meal, two drinks on arrival, as well as the opportunity to attend a fabulous night out! Nominated businesses have the first option to purchase tickets and any remaining tickets will be available from the 4th July for the public to purchase.
  • When is the Business Awards Evening?
    The 2016 Business Awards will be held on the 30th July.
  • What is the dress code for the awards evening?
    The business awards are a black tie event so suits, cocktail dresses or long formal gowns! This is an opportunity to get dressed up.

    The event always has a celebrity Master of Ceremonies to ensure that it is a fun and entertaining evening. These have included Pam Corkery, Ben Hurley, Michelle A’Court and Hilary Barry.