About Us

The Pukekohe Business Association, or PBA, is actively involved with the development, support and promotion of business in Pukekohe and in ensuring that the district provides a clean, safe and secure environment in which to live and do business.

Please click HERE to view the Pukekohe Business Association's 2018-2023 Strategic Plan


The PBA is an Incorporated Society, and as such has a Constitution that states what our Objectives and Activities are. These are copied directly from the Constitution.

  1. To assist and guide the development and advancement of the commercial interests of business people and businesses in Pukekohe through a co-ordinated a
  2. PukePictures0152 480x5000c0pcenter3nd structured communications, marketing and economic development programme.
  3. To foster and promote generally the welfare of the business community of Pukekohe and, in particular, to provide a forum for network
    ing and collaboration of members.
  4. To enhance the safety and security of Pukekohe and to attract and retain business in an effort to drive employment growth and economical, social, cultural and environmental wellbeing.
  5. To capitalise on the unique assets and profile of Pukekohe and to use that as a means of establishing an identity and positioning for the area.
  6. To make arrangements with and / or advocate to the Government, local authorities and / or persons, corporations or associations for the improvement of amenity, streetscapes, utilities, transport, services or other infrastructure, and for lighting, surfacing, security and cleaning in the business area of Pukekohe.
  7. To administer in conjunction with the Council, the Business Improvement District Funding Grant.
  8. To do all things as are, or may be incidental to, or conducive to, the attainment of these objects.


  1. The arrangement, encouragement and/or financial support of events and/or occasions which promote the Association’s objectives.
  2. The organising of social functions, networking events and regular general meetings for members.
  3. The review of local body by-laws and Government legislation affecting Association members and making submissions thereon either of existing by-laws or legislation or proposed changes.
  4. The organisation of promotions and campaigns that promote Pukekohe and/or encourage local economic growth.
  5. The encouragement and support of Franklin Local Board activities promoting Pukekohe and the surrounding area.
  6. The publication of a regular newsletter. Please click on the link below to read a full version of our Constitution Portable Document Format (PDF) Signed Constitution September 2012 (19.1mb)